Terms & Conditions

This T&Cs shall be valid for all the events offered by STRIKEBET. By using our SMSs code, visiting the website or by opening an account you agree to be bound by the T&Cs. STRIKEBET, reserves the right to change them from time to time due to several reasons for example commercial, legal, regulatory bodies or customer service reasons. We shall not accept liability from third parties if you provide incorrect or false data. You can only open one account, if you operate multiple accounts, we shall close all of them and confiscate all funds. It’s criminal to use false information to open several accounts.
STRIKEBET reserves the right to:
  • Verify your identity.
  • Verify your gaming activities.
  • Conduct security checks and other internal processes related to your account.
  • Ensure prices offered have been adhered to.
STRIKEBET is the product we are offering. Our offices are based at Red complex Mombasa Road Kenya. Bet. This is the process of staking cash on a prediction of the outcome of a game offered by us.Odds/price return money staked on a correct price. A winning price of 2 will return double stake to clients. Customer: This is anyone placing a bet with strikebet or any other service offered by the company. Full time (FT) refers to the full 90 minutes plus any other injury time the judge adds. (Extra time does not count). Void: This a situation whereby for any reason a stake does not go through or if the system does not respond to it in strikebet. The stake amount will be returned to the customer. Age restriction; the law prevents under 18-year old’s from playing. You will be asked to confirm your age. Underage clients will have their accounts closed immediately and balances forfeited.We can suspend any account for any reason and require you to bring an ID to our offices or to our agents to prove your age. Account security; customers are responsible for securing their phone number, account details and mobile money accounts. Do not disclose personal or private information to anyone, we might ask you to identify yourself or come physically to our offices to collect your winnings. Prices; customers will incur prices for SMS that could be as low as ksh 2.00 and/or a minimum of ksh 50.00 stake money or as otherwise dictated by the company The discretion is with the company to change the prices as it deems fit. Bet acceptance and validity; all football bets will be settled after the 90minutes period, unless an outright price is asked for during extra time. For penalty shots and extra time after normal time there has to be an outright price asked. When strikebet has not quoted a price on a game and you bet it will be declared void. If any football game starts with less than 11 players it will be declared void. Late betting; bets can only be placed on the outcome of a future event unless we are offering in running prices. On late betting the bets will stand as if nothing happened, no loss no win. All bets after an event starts will be declared void. (Cancellation of abet) Placing a bet confirms your willful intention to conclude the transaction, therefore a bet can’t be cancelled. Correction to accounts; strikebet has a right to recover from you any amount overpaid and the authority to adjust your account to reflect the true outcome and rectify the mistake. Disputes; strikebet has the right to void, lose, win or return and retain stake money or your wins. This could be due to system manipulation. We could also close your account without prior notice. Strikebet reserves the right to refuse/cancel any bet before, during and even after a game starts to make ambiguous bets void. WITHOUT PROVIDING ANY JUSTIFICATION. For complains you can email our support teams who will escalate to the head of betting operations who will respond within 48 hours after reviewing your case. We shall apply ourselves to respond and resolve the issues very quickly. You will be given the name and title of who is handing your case. You are free to contact an independent arbitrator like legal help or even independent bodies like BLCB. This will be confirming you have not violated any our policies. Offensive, rude language, malicious or damaging comments won’t be tolerated while contacting our staff or discussing our products or services in any media, social network or forum. Infringement will lead to suspension of an account and even further action to ensure compliance. Mistakes; strikebet strives to ensure we don’t make errors in accepting bets. However if there are system or human errors; we shall do as follows, If prizes differ significantly from those in market at the time, strikebet will pay to the correct prize. To establish the correct market prize, strikebet will consider the correct prize by looking at the other offers available by bookers in similar business in the market. If a bet is accepted in error by strikebet in an event or outcome, it will be declared void therefore the stake amount will be refunded. Any results /scores displayed on site for instance during betting on our sites are for guidance purposes only. Fraud; strikebet will seek criminal and contractual sanctions against anyone involved in fraud, dishonesty or criminal acts. We shall withhold payment, freeze the accounts and even ask you to pay for damages and costs. Price changes; all prices are subject to change and maybe restricted .to certain strikebet levels. They could vary with our different business channels. Results; in case of football and other events bets are settled and results settled by relevant managers. This could take 3 to 24hrs after a match is settled.
Withholding payment and our right to set liability if there is evidence the following has happened:
  • Integrity of the event has been called into question.
  • Prices or pool has been manipulated.
  • Match rigging has taken place and decision has been made by a relevant governing body. This ruling will be conclusive. Strikebet takes this into account before making payments.
90 – Minute football bets; this refers to the 90 minutes period football matches take to end. It is also called full time and normal time. Injury time might be added if there were stoppages by the referee. . Extra time and penalties after this period are not considered. Some games might have a full time of 80 minutes. This is usually for under 16 and under 17 or the women’s senior leagues. Abandoned matches; these are declared void unless it is a determined settlement, for instance the first goal of a specific named player. If the player scores before the game is abandoned the winnings will be paid. Postponed/pre-arranged matches; these events or games are declared void, unless the matches are rescheduled within the first 24hours since the start of the game and confirmed within 12 hours. The void games can be accumulated and the bets settled on the remaining ones. Prices are subject to change/ fluctuation; all prices are subject to fluctuation up to kick off time. All online games will be using online prices subject to time of placing the bet. Related contingencies in a match; we won’t combine multiple betting options from the same match. For example correct score and first player to score from the same match won’t be accumulated. Results; some results are not released immediately from an official channel. Strikebet will then use results released by an official governing body to make payments. Not all results will be released rapidly due to time difference among other factors. Some results can be released overnight and others can take up to 24 hours.
Payout minimum and maximum; the following factors are to be noted,
    • The minimum betting amount is ksh 50.00
    • The maximum betting amount for a single or multi bet is ksh 20,000.00.
    • A maximum single bet winning is limited to ksh 500,000.00.
A maximum multi bet winning is limited to ksh 500,000.00. Maximum aggregate payout per day for all bets is limited to ksh 70,000.00 per day. Account suspension/freeze; we reserve the right to close or freeze any account and or refuse to take bets from any customer. In this event full value will be refunded. Suspicious transactions might be investigated and reported to the relevant authorities. Winnings; mid –week and jack pot winners will have to share the guaranteed price if they are more than one. If there is no winner the jackpot will be increased as per the company policy. Winners’ notification; winners will receive an SMS notification advising the on how funds will be disbursed. Bonus; apart from the jackpot bonus, no other bonus can be withdrawn. The winnings from the bonuses can be withdrawn.
Bet limits; a customer can be limited to bet if;
  • They are a number of similar or repeated bets, this might be considered as one bet. They could be voided and only the first one allowed.
  • If there is evidence similar bets have been played for the same individual. This will be voided.
  • If you played in professional capacity in tandem with players or as part of a club, or placed wages in a coordinated manner. This will lead to voiding as it is only intended for an individual to play.
Alteration of the website; strikebet may in absolute discretion alter or amend any product or service available on the website. Promotional SMS; strikebet SMS are for transactional purposes and are automated. To stop receiving them, send the word stop to our ussd code.
1. Ksh. 1,500 Bonus Gift
  • Also known as First Deposit Bonus
  • Applies only to first time depositors only.
  • One should make at least a deposit of Ksh.100 and get a 300% bonus in Free Bet Gift
  • Each user can claim Ksh. 1,500 bonus gift only once. Accounts with the same IP address and same password will be regarded as the same customer and will not be able to claim the Ksh. 1,500 bonus gift again.
  • The maximum payout for this bonus is Ksh. 7,000
  • The Free Bet Bonus can be used to place a single bet slip with at least 8 selections(games) with odds of at least 1.50 per game.
  • Expires within 3 days.
  • Maximum award for this bonus is Ksh. 1,500
  • You can only check the validity status and period of your bonus by going to the bonus under my account.
  • Only 1 Free Bet can be used in 1 bet slip.
2. Jamuhuri Day Special
  • Applicable on every Monday
  • One should make a deposit Ksh. 100 and above to qualify for 100% deposit bonus.
  • The maximum award for this type of bonus is Ksh. 1,000
  • Expires after 24 hours/ 1 day
  • One should place a single bet slip of at least 7 events/ games with a minimum odd of 1.42 for each winning game.
  • Has a rollover of 1 and the maximum payout for this bonus is Ksh 7, 000
3. Cash Back Bonus
  • Get 100% Cashback on your first bet as a bonus if the stake amount is Ksh. 200 and then make a selection of at least 9 events
  • If one event is lost from the 9 events, the user is awarded the full stake amount as bonus.
  • The maximum refund for this bonus is Ksh. 7,000
  • To turn the bonus into real money, user must make a selection of 7teams with each team having a minimum winning odd of 1.40
  • There should be NO VOIDED GAME in the bet slip
  • The Cashback is in bonus form and therefore BONUS RULES apply.
  • Expires within 1 week
4. Cash Back Bad Luck Bonus
  • Applies if you lose 1 game from a mulitibet of 7 games with a minimum stake of Ksh 100
  • Multibet should have an average odds of 1.60 and above for each winning game
  • Cashback is in bonus form
  • Expires within 7 days
5. Cash Back 1st Bet
  • To qualify one must make a selection of 6 events. If one is lost, the user is awarded the full stake amount (100%) as bonus
  • User must make a selection of at least 5 events with each event having a minimum odd of 1.80
  • Maximum awarded bonus is Ksh. 5,000
  • Minimum stake is Ksh.100
6. Cash Back First Game Lost Bonus
  • Applicable for new players and first time users only
  • The player must deposit at least Ksh. 50
  • The user must place a multibet of at least 7 games with an average odd of 1.50 per winning game.
  • If you lose 1 game from the bet selected you are eligible for the bonus
  • Bonus amount ranges from Ksh. 50-Ksh. 100
  • Maximum payout is Ksh. 1,000
7. Free Bet
  • Amount awarded Ksh. 20
  • Minimum odd 2.3
  • Maximum payout 200
  • Maximum games 1
  • Expires in 7 days
8. 20% Deposit Bonus When you are awarded the bonus you have to
  • Deposit between Ksh.49 and Ksh.5,000
  • You have to place 3 bets with a minimum odds of 1.4 each
  • Bonus expires in 7 days
We reserve the right to end any promotion or change the terms and conditions